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Visit a farmer's market to purchase our chicken

Every Saturday: 

             Freedom Farmers Market 

             Morningside Farmers Market

             Peachtree Road Farmers Market


Every Sunday:

             Grant Park Farmers Market


Our chicken is pasture-raised. What does that mean?

In a nutshell, it means our chickens eat fresh grass every single day. We move their shelters every morning to a fresh patch of pasture so that they can enjoy nature's bounty of grass, seeds, and insects. Not only does this ensure happy, healthy, great-tasting chickens, its also great for the pasture itself! Since our chickens live outdoors on fresh grass instead of in crowded houses, we never have to use antibiotics. We believe in ecologically-friendly regenerative farming, so we never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  We want to support ecological improvement on other farms as well, so we use Certified Organic Feed. What is Grateful Pastures? We are the tastiest, healthiest, and most environmentally-friendly chicken you can find.