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respecting our animals and our land

Our pasture raised chickens walk on the grass, spread their wings, breathe fresh air, scratch at the earth, peck at insects, see the sunrise, and act like chickens.  In contrast to the industrial model, our chickens do NOT receive drugs, breathe fecal dust, have their beaks removed, and live in concentration camps.


We move our birds to fresh  pasture daily to spread manure and eliminate the need for antibiotics.  Industrially raised animals live their entire lives in their own feces, so of course they need antibiotics to survive.  Overuse of antibiotics in industrial agriculture is the primary culprit to antibiotic resistance in humans.


At Grateful Pastures, since manure is spread thinly and evenly, it acts as a natural fertilizer, improving soil quality.  This is in contrast to the industrial model which concentrates manure, causing harmful runoff that leads to algae blooms, fish kills, and other environmental harm.