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About Grateful Pastures

In the last hundred years, food production shifted from widespread small local farms to centralized industrial farms.  Technological advances in chemistry and engineering led to increased yields and lower costs.  As a result, food became much more plentiful and affordable.  Cheap food improved the lives of many people, but it came at a high cost to the environment and the well-being of a great many creatures on this planet.  Here at Grateful Pastures, we try not to lament the past, but we know that the past is where industrial agriculture belongs.  It is morally and environmentally outdated.


Now, there are much more responsible ways to produce healthier and tastier food.  Organic and sustainable farmers have developed humane and environmentally regenerative alternatives to industrial agriculture.  Instead of mechanically forcing living creatures into an industrial mold, this new “ecological agriculture” focuses on mimicking and harnessing the potential of natural biological processes that have existed for eons.